Monthly Archives: July, 2017

First Summer Transition Youth Camp in Newaygo County a huge success!

Our first Summer Transition Youth Camp was a success thanks in huge part to the many Newaygo County/Fremont community partners who were so generous and gracious to our youth in transition. We would like to thank the following:

McDonald’s– For allowing us to crowd their picnic tables and consistently fill our water bottles and empty our bladders!
Tractor Supply Co.. – Volunteering for work-based learning
Tamarac, The Center for Health and Well-Being – Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Physical Fitness
Choice One Bank – Budgeting and money management
Michigan Secretary of State’s Office – The processes and establishing state ID’s (they were also open for questioning and provided drivers training manuals)
Fremont Public Library – Conference Room, Community Room and private interviewing rooms
Alpha Family Center of Newaygo – DISC personality testing/ healthy relationships
Bill’s Shop N Save – Space and water for car wash
Sweet Tire– Promoting car wash to customers
Empowerment Network & FCS Nest Resale – Thrift shop fashion search for interview clothes
Elsie’s Ice Cream Station – Last day fun and games and of course Ice Cream!
Michigan Rehabilitation Service – Self-directed career assessments and results.
Newaygo County Resa– For graciously completing mock interviews and videotaping for review and discussion

We can’t thank you all enough for supporting your county’s Youth!

Disability Network West Michigan’s Newaygo County Resource Fair

Thank you to all who participated, presented and volunteered at Disability Network West Michigan’s Newaygo County Resource Fair to make it so successful!