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Today, the House of Representatives postponed a scheduled vote on the American Health Care Act – legislation that would gut federal investment in Medicaid and devastate Americans’ mental health and addiction coverage and care.

The postponement comes after hours of deliberation and a series of meetings between congressional leadership and White House officials. The timeline moving forward remains uncertain as there are several procedural hurdles and requirements a bill must go through before it can be debated and voted on by the full House chamber.

One thing is clear: Your advocacy is working. And we must keep it up! Even if you have already reached out, once is not enough. Take action again!

As these decisions come down to the wire, it is your engagement and advocacy that is making the difference. As debate continues, it is critically important that your Members of Congress hear from you and they understand the impact this bill would have on millions of Americans living with and in treatment for mental illness or addiction.
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VERY IMPORTANT! As early as this Thursday, the house may vote on the proposed American Healthcare Act bill which is to replace the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). What’s more, the senate vote could also be held next week.

A vast majority of congressmen and women are focused on the debate surrounding funding for expansion. However, for people with disabilities and seniors, the proposed change of Medicaid from an entitlement program to either an individual per-capita allotment or a block grant WILL MEAN THE END TO VALUABLE SERVICES, which make it possible for them to live independently and to gain the supports needed so that they can hold jobs and contribute to society. This is because these changes will greatly limit state funding for discretionary services such as long-term care and community supports.

Long-term care services provide the supports seniors and people with disabilities need to remain in their homes. Without these services, they will be forced to live in nursing care facilities, costing each state millions in additional healthcare dollars. Community supports also provide in-home and on-the-job personal care services for adults and children with disabilities. These supports make it possible for people with significant disabilities to hold jobs and to continue to contribute to society and their community. Finally, home-based care for children with significant disabilities frees their parents and caregivers to work to support their families.

Please call Congressman Bill Huizenga Phone: (616) 414-5516 to draw his attention to this matter. We urge you to share your personal stories of how Medicaid cuts will affect you and your loved-ones.


WE NEED YOUR VOTE! Best Financial Credit Union is giving away $5,000 to three West Michigan nonprofits. Area nonprofits were invited to submit a one-minute video that championed their mission for a chance at the $5,000. The field has been narrowed down to the top ten and voting will now determine the top six. You can vote now through March 31 on the Best Financial Credit Union Website — We hope you’ll consider showing your support by casting a DAILY vote!



2017 has arrived and we not only want to say THANK YOU to our members, but THANK YOU to our entire community! As part of our 2017 Community Giveback, BFCU will give away $5,000 to 3 local nonprofits. Based on pre-determined criteria, we have selected approximately 10 local nonprofits for our members and the community to vote on. Each nonprofit that chooses to participate will submit a short video explaning why they should receive the award. Members and the community will then vote on these videos in order to determine our top three and winners of $5,000.

Voting Details:

  • Voting will start Monday, March 13th at 9am.
  • We will narrow it down to the top 6 after March 31st. The voting for that round will end at 5pm on March 31st.
  • Voting will start up again on April 1st at 9am and will continue until April 14th at 5pm.

Starting April 1st we will not update the tally’s to see who is leading to keep everyone in suspense. We will try to update the tally’s daily up until that point but this is not guaranteed, as it has to be done manually.

We appreciate everyone’s participation and patience as we work through this fun project! Good luck to all the nonprofits involved!


Meet Ada Linderman. Ada is the director of our northern counties and an invaluable part of our team. She is an active advocate on behalf of our consumers with the goal of battling barriers to make accessibility and inclusion a civil right for all.

small changes….BIG DIFFERENCES!

We invite our friends in the Ludington and Mason County area to tune into News 98 WLDN – FM 98.7 to hear our own Janet Perreault share how as little as $20 can mean the difference between breaking down the barrier to independence or remaining reliant on others. Yesterday, she had the opportunity to talk about our Small Changes, Big Differences training program, which offers individuals living with disabilities a gateway to autonomy and makes independence achievable.



Tom* served his country in the United States Army, sacrificed his time and was left to his own devices after enduring life-altering injuries to his face, neck and back.

Following surgery, Tom was referred to the Veterans Administration, but due to the extent of his disabilities, the VA was not able to help. Confronted with a daunting journey to recovery, he was filled with anxiety, frustration and hopelessness when dealt a glimpse of a future that he felt was marked by isolation and dependency.

But a newfound hope surfaced following the VA’s referral to Disability Network West Michigan. DNWM has since been instrumental in assisting Tom to vocalize his needs through the one-two punch of advocacy and outreach. We have served as a mechanism to break through the barriers that kept independence out of reach.

“Without them, the last three years would have been quite miserable,” Tom said. “If you, or someone you know, is disabled and not aware of what Disability Network offers, I urge you to get to know them. There hasn’t been any other organization that has provided as much as DNWM. They continue to change my life for the better.”

Our team assessed Tom’s needs, developed a plan of action, and then began securing resources and leveraging community connections to establish his independence. Through our efforts, Tom has received the following assistance:

  • We connected him with Hope Builders, a local nonprofit, who provided free labor to repair the flooring in his home so that his power wheelchair wouldn’t break through.
  • We are providing transportation vouchers so that he can purchase fuel to attend medical appointments, visit family and remain active in the community.
  • After Tom nearly fell from his wheelchair at the VA office in White Cloud, DNWM advocated on behalf of all wheelchair users for the curb to be repaired. The fix was completed within two weeks.
  • The team found and delivered assistive technology to make completing daily activities independently possible.
  • We leveraged relationships to secure deliver a donated roll-in shower to Tom’s home.
  • Our staff collaborated with a local motorcycle group, which supports veterans, to acquire firewood to heat Tom’s home.
  • Critical repairs were made to the front end of Tom’s truck so he could make appointments at the VA hospital.

Disability Network West Michigan continues to assist Tom and all of our consumers in the pursuit for independence with the assistance of outstanding community partners.

If someone you know who is living with a disability would like to gain their independence back, contact us today to learn more about our organization, the services we provide and how we can help.

*The actual name of the veteran has been safeguarded at his own request.

DNWM Executive Director Employment Opportunity

Please click on the link below for details about Disability Network West Michigan Executive Director position.

Executive Director Job Posting Information


Disability Network will be participating in the upcoming  SHOW ME THE MONEY event on Saturday, January 28, 2017. The event is being held at Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church, 412 E Sherman Blvd in Muskegon from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.





In observance of Martin Luther King Day, Disability Network West Michigan will be closed Monday, January 16, 2017.