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Summer Transitioning Youth Camp (STYC) Newaygo County


Pic: Group of 7 campers and staff


Pic: Camper moving pallet of lawn care products


Pic: Three campers stocking products


Pic: Two female campers emptying bag into trash container.


Pic: Male camper pulling pallet of products.


Pic: Female camper mopping floor.


Pic: Female camper sweeping floor

Our first STYC camp in Newaygo County has started this week in Newaygo and it looks like everyone is learning independent living skills while have a great time! Our summer program is to offer youth an opportunity to develop their goals and plans for what will come after they complete their secondary education.  Our thanks to the Newaygo Tractor Supply Co. for their partnership! Tractor Supply Co.

Summer Transitioning Youth Camp (STYC)

Check out the personal impact our Summer Transitioning Youth Camp had for a young gentleman that participated this summer!




Disability Network West Michigan is offering Disability Inclusion and Awareness Training.

The one-hour presentation is designed for businesses, nonprofits, churches, service organizations and other groups who interact with and want to learn about people with disabilities. Each session, which is led by the Muskegon-based nonprofit that provides independent living resources for people with disabilities, is designed to correct misconceptions about people with disabilities and facilitate smoother and more comfortable interactions.

“As our population ages and needs to work longer, chances are you are going to work with someone who has a disability – if you don’t already,” said Lisa Sullivan, an information and referral specialist who leads the training sessions for Disability Network West Michigan. “People with disabilities are often treated as ‘other’ by society, who often characterize us by focusing on the disability, not the person.

“Yet people with disabilities are just people with their own unique set of challenges. We take a ‘people first’ approach with our training, which is designed to break down the barriers of thinking in terms of ‘us and them.’ Our goal is to educate so that everyone can be more comfortable when working with, providing service to or interacting with people with disabilities.”

Nationally, the U.S. Census estimates that nearly 20 percent of Americans – or 57 million adults and 5.2 million children – have some type of disability. In Muskegon, approximately 17.2 percent of the population has a disability of some type.

Topics covered by the training include:

  • Brief overview of the history and scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Basic definition of disability as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
  • Discussion of common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding people with disabilities, including true stories from the presenter’s experiences
  • Overview of best practices for interacting with people of varying abilities
  • Question-and-answer period

“Some disabilities are hidden, such as a heart condition or asthma, while others are more visible,” Sullivan said. “Not all disabilities are obvious – but all people with a disability want to be respected and treated as people first. We are not inspirations. We are also not from another species.

“At the heart of our training is a simple yet powerful message: Treat someone with a disability the same way you treat everyone else. Those who attend should leave with greater understanding about disabilities – and less fear about dealing with a colleague, customer or friend who has a disability.”

Based in Muskegon, Disability Network West Michigan provides independent living resources for people with disabilities in Muskegon, Oceana, Newaygo, Lake and Mason counties. Along with other members of the statewide Centers for Independent Living network, Disability Network West Michigan offers its training sessions for a modest fee throughout the region.

About Disability Network West Michigan:

Disability Network West Michigan provides independent living resources for people with disabilities in Muskegon, Oceana, Newaygo, Lake and Mason counties. The mission of the nonprofit organization, which is part of the statewide network of Centers for Independent Living, is to empower, educate, advocate, and provide resources for those with disabilities as well as promoting accessible communities.

For more information, call our office at 231-722-0088

RAMP IT UP for Love!

Love in the Name of Christ’s Project Ramp ministry has been building handicap ramps for nearly 20 years, providing freedom for our Muskegon County neighbors in need. Imagine yourself wheelchair-bound, stranded indoors and unable to get out to the doctor. Or out into your backyard. Or back inside on a cold winter’s day.

Or worse yet, have a way out if there was a fire.

Neighbors in need call their office regularly to apply for ramps from all over the county. A typical ramp takes 6 – 8 weeks from the time we get the phone call, until the ramp construction begins. Donations help to speed up the process, by enabling Love INC to build our inventory of metal ramp parts or to purchase the wooden materials needed to construct the ramp. Once the application is received, funding is in place, and paperwork is complete,  our group of volunteers step up and in just 2 days…

The Project Ramp ministry would not be possible without the gifts and talents of volunteers from area churches, civic organizations, and businesses.  This is a powerful way to show Christ’s love to those who could not get a ramp any other way. This is a powerful way to feel Christ’s love by helping your neighbors in need.

Their goal is $10,000 for this quarter, which will build approximately 6 ramps. Send your donation with RAMP IT UP for Love! in the memo.  You can also go to the GoFundMe campaign link at or visit Love INC of Muskegon on Facebook for an easy link. Download the GoFundMe mobile app and share it with your friends!

RAMP IT UP For Love!

For more information about Project Ramp, call Tammy at 231.773.3448 ext 231.

Ramp It Up for Love flyer