2018 Newaygo County Summer Transition Youth Camp (STYC

Summer of 2018 kicked off with a Career Exploration Camp. This Summer Transition Youth Camp (STYC) is designed to be the participant’s first real introduction to potential employment opportunities. The camp is intended to offer behind the scene information and first-hand communications from current employees and/or business owners on how to obtain employment; this includes daily tasks, education and any previous experience needed.

The goal is to explore first job options and help decipher the “dream job” verses the realistic job. In addition, the participants received health and wellness coaching from professionals in the field and hands-on volunteer time.

In helping this all come together and promoting community inclusion, Disability Network West Michigan would like to thank the following contributors:
Fremont Public Library for use of space,
Admiral Gas Station in Fremont, Michigan for their on the spot willingness to participate,
Pizza Hut for taking the time to answer questions,
Walmart Fremont – W 48th St and the individuals who researched answers they did not have,

A very special thank you to the following:
Tamarac, The Center for Health and Well-Being for planning three incredible sessions along with the working professionals for taking time from their schedules to accommodate our group.
Dr. Russell at Fremont Animal Hospital for a full tour and Q&A forum,
Andy at The Original Print Shop for the detailed explanation, tour and the new appreciation for things, we many times, take for granted.
Congratulations to Family Video in Fremont, Michigan for providing the very first volunteer/work experience for these youth!