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Individual & Systems Advocacy

We are champions of change, fighting for inclusivity by your side.

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How We Champion Change

At Disability Network West Michigan, our core mission is to champion the rights and well-being of individuals with disabilities within our community. Our advocacy is a dynamic force for change, focusing on key areas to ensure inclusivity, accessibility, and equality.

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Ensuring Universal Access

We are committed to creating a world where every space is open to everyone. Our efforts span from making buildings and public spaces like sidewalks, parks, and beaches universally accessible, to ensuring that workplaces are inclusive and equipped to support all employees. Our vision is a community without barriers, where freedom of movement and access is a reality for all.

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Empowering Through Employment

Our initiatives aim to bridge the gap between talented individuals with disabilities and meaningful employment opportunities. We focus on:

Pre-Employment Transition Services

Providing the tools and resources necessary for individuals with disabilities to navigate the job market confidently.

Employment Advocacy

We actively promote the hiring of disabled veterans and others with disabilities, advocating for their sustained employment and recognition in the workforce.

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Championing ADA Compliance

We are vigilant defenders of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, ensuring that facilities and workplaces are not just compliant, but genuinely accessible. Our work includes advocating for fair treatment and equal opportunities for people with disabilities, setting a standard for accessibility and inclusion.

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Educating for Inclusion

Awareness and understanding are the first steps toward inclusion. We offer Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training sessions designed to enlighten employers and communities about the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities. Our training covers practical guidance on interaction, the importance of assistive technology, and showcases the untapped potential within the disability community.


Disability Network West Michigan will be closed on July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

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