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Transition & Diversion

Sometimes you need a little help getting moving. That's why we're here.

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Moving out shouldn’t mean moving alone.

If you are ready to leave a nursing home, then we are ready to help you on that journey. Let us help to facilitate your move into a private residence and provide the support you need to live independently.

From planning out your move to working with your nursing home or other institution to make sure you can enjoy independent living the way you want — we’ve got you covered.

Our team also offers a number of pre-employment transition services (sometimes referred to as “pre-ETS”).

Youth Transition Services – Ignite Program

The Ignite Program is a dynamic pre-employment transition service designed for teens and young adults with disabilities, preparing them for adulthood after education. Our aim is to cultivate independence, self-advocacy, and confidence, guiding participants towards a brighter future.

What You Get

  • Quality education and safe social spaces
  • Growth in social, civic, and leadership abilities
  • Career exploration and internship opportunities
  • Comprehensive support for independence
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Disability Network West Michigan will be closed on July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

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