Employment First Principles

Disability Network/Michigan, on behalf of Michigan’s CILs, supports Employment First principles, and does not support the continued use of paying subminimum wages to people with disabilities. Employment First principles place the emphasis on community-based, integrated employment, which is the ultimate outcome.

Our approach to advocating for increased community-based employment has been through partnerships with government agencies, disability organizations and private business. We believe the starting point for systems change is through collaboration and by developing innovative approaches to solving long-standing social issues.

On September 17, Disability Network/Michigan joins in hosting and celebrating the passage of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA embraces the American values of self-determination, self-reliance, and individual achievement. The ADA is about enabling people with disabilities to take charge of their lives and join the American mainstream by promoting access to employment, community-living, transportation and other publicly funded services. We recognize that full compliance with the ADA has not yet occurred, however as organizations governed and staffed by people with disabilities we stand in solidarity to fight for equality and justice for all people with disabilities in Michigan.