First Summer Transition Youth Camp in Newaygo County a huge success!

Our first Summer Transition Youth Camp was a success thanks in huge part to the many Newaygo County/Fremont community partners who were so generous and gracious to our youth in transition. We would like to thank the following:

McDonald’s– For allowing us to crowd their picnic tables and consistently fill our water bottles and empty our bladders!
Tractor Supply Co.. – Volunteering for work-based learning
Tamarac, The Center for Health and Well-Being – Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Physical Fitness
Choice One Bank – Budgeting and money management
Michigan Secretary of State’s Office – The processes and establishing state ID’s (they were also open for questioning and provided drivers training manuals)
Fremont Public Library – Conference Room, Community Room and private interviewing rooms
Alpha Family Center of Newaygo – DISC personality testing/ healthy relationships
Bill’s Shop N Save – Space and water for car wash
Sweet Tire– Promoting car wash to customers
Empowerment Network & FCS Nest Resale – Thrift shop fashion search for interview clothes
Elsie’s Ice Cream Station – Last day fun and games and of course Ice Cream!
Michigan Rehabilitation Service – Self-directed career assessments and results.
Newaygo County Resa– For graciously completing mock interviews and videotaping for review and discussion

We can’t thank you all enough for supporting your county’s Youth!