Disability Network West Michigan is proud to offer information on resources that are available to people with disabilities.

For our Consumers

DNWM provides information and referral services regarding community resources. If you have questions about the following:

  • Disability Rights and the ADA
  • Benefits – such as Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Counseling / other supports
  • How to return to work once you have received disability benefits, regardless of length of time or amount of benefits
  • Employment supports, job training and rehabilitation services
  • Health Care Services

Call anytime and one of our information and referral specialists will assist you.

For Business

ADA Accessibility Evaluations

Are you perplexed on what you need to change in your business to make it accessible for all individuals? Disability Network West Michigan offers consultation and evaluations for accessibility as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA). Our ADA trained staff members will visit your business and, along with you, conduct a walk through evaluation. We will review an exit summary with you and then follow up with a written report. We are committed to partnering with your business to provide the most affordable, accessible, environment possible.

Disability Inclusion and Awareness Training

Are you and your employees curious about how you can best serve your customers with disabilities?
We can help!
The Disability Inclusion and Awareness Training is a 1-hour presentation for groups who wish to learn about people with disabilities. It is designed to correct misconceptions and reduce the anxiety felt when meeting and interacting with someone with a disability by stressing that we all share common needs and dreams.
Topics covered include:
• A brief overview of the history and scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act
• A basic definition of disability as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
• A discussion of common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding people with disabilities, including true stories from the presenter’s experiences
• An overview of best practices for interacting with people of varying abilities
• An open question and answer period

Employment and Hiring of Individuals with Disabilities

We are committed to improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities. We believe employment means economic self-sufficiency and independence.

For people with disabilities who want to work

We offer a variety of services designed to help you prepare for, locate and maintain employment. Some of the things we can help you with are:

  • Discover the skills and knowledge you already have that will make you a valuable asset to an employer
  • Direct and focus your job search efforts by matching those skills, along with your interests, to possible careers
  • How to look your best and make a great impression during an interview
  • Learn to create professional resumes, cover letters and thank you letters
  • Instruction and assistance completing paper and online job applications
  • Practice answering some of the toughest interview questions
  • Help you to decide when and how you will disclose your disability to potential employers
  • Discover which assistive technology or other accommodations will help you to do your job and find out how to get what you need
  • Follow up with you and your employer to ensure everyone’s needs are being met

For Employers

Disability Network West Michigan will partner with employers to create business processes and practices that will improve the success of hiring and sustaining employment of individuals with disabilities in your business.

Over 16% percent of people with disabilities are unemployed, almost double the rate of unemployment among people without disabilities.

Services we offer include

  • Mentoring
  • Accessibility reviews of your business environment
  • Training on work place accommodations
  • Disability Inclusion and Awareness Training for all employees