VERY IMPORTANT! As early as this Thursday, the house may vote on the proposed American Healthcare Act bill which is to replace the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). What’s more, the senate vote could also be held next week.

A vast majority of congressmen and women are focused on the debate surrounding funding for expansion. However, for people with disabilities and seniors, the proposed change of Medicaid from an entitlement program to either an individual per-capita allotment or a block grant WILL MEAN THE END TO VALUABLE SERVICES, which make it possible for them to live independently and to gain the supports needed so that they can hold jobs and contribute to society. This is because these changes will greatly limit state funding for discretionary services such as long-term care and community supports.

Long-term care services provide the supports seniors and people with disabilities need to remain in their homes. Without these services, they will be forced to live in nursing care facilities, costing each state millions in additional healthcare dollars. Community supports also provide in-home and on-the-job personal care services for adults and children with disabilities. These supports make it possible for people with significant disabilities to hold jobs and to continue to contribute to society and their community. Finally, home-based care for children with significant disabilities frees their parents and caregivers to work to support their families.

Please call Congressman Bill Huizenga Phone: (616) 414-5516 to draw his attention to this matter. We urge you to share your personal stories of how Medicaid cuts will affect you and your loved-ones.