Living Independently

Living Independently

Everything we do at Disability Network West Michigan is geared toward helping people with disabilities live independent lives and become their own advocates. But that does not mean you cannot get a little help from your friends along the way.

Independent Living

Living with a disability does not mean you cannot live your life the way you want. We provide the following services to help people with disabilities live without restrictions:

– Independent Living Assessments
– Independent Living Mentoring
– Independent Living Skills Training


Do you know if your workplace is accessible? Do you need equipment to perform your job? We provide the following services so that those with disabilities can get the job done:

– Information about available adaptive Equipment and other      Resources
– Accessibility Consultations and Reviews


Finding a job is hard for anyone. For those with disabilities, there are even more obstacles. We work to eliminate workplace barriers and get our clients on the path to their dream job. Here are some of the services we provide for those seeking employment:

– Employment Preparation
– Job Seeking
– Digital Footprint Services
– Instruction and assistance with resume design
– Disability awareness training
– Mentoring
– Transportation Services (Newaygo & Oceana Counties)
– Travel Training
– Job follow-up
– Social Security Benefits Analysis

If you are interested in any of our Independent Living Services, contact us today at (231) 722-0088!